Using Ice Therapy As Eczema Home Treatment

There are different home treatments available for people that suffer from eczema. Since the condition is quite challenging, there are various things that would be tried by every individual. One of the really common options available is given by ice therapy. This is because ice has a strong cooling effect that is beneficial for the skin that has eczema. Skin will be inflamed by the presence of allergens. When you apply ice on such an inflammation it is just like when you use ice to put out a fire.

Those that suffer from the condition understand that the disorder will trigger the appearance of skin rashes. Such rashes normally appear on limbs, the back and the hands. The discomfort that is caused is quite great and the rashes are normally really itchy. You are tempted to scratch it and that would only make everything worse. The skin can easily end up bleeding and bacterial infections would be present as wounds are open.

Based on information from a top London dermatology clinic, ice therapy can be really useful when suffering from eczema because of the fact that it will numb sore skin. This offers pain relief and relaxation. Ice coldness will automatically make the veins contract, thus cutting down the circulation. As ice is removed, veins dilate. Blood will be rushed into the treated area. Blood carries the necessary nutrients that allow the tissues to heal in your skin.

Ice therapy in this case basically involves putting some ice cubes inside a plastic bag that is wrapped in one towel or inside an ice pack. You want to place this above itchy areas and then move ice under towels in a motion that is circular. Focus on the sensation that the coldness offers and you will notice that itchiness is removed. It can be discomforting and you will want to bear it. The itch will disappear quite fast. When faced with multiple outbreaks, some minutes can be spent on every area that is affected.

We can say that ice therapy is not at all expensive and can be seen as a great treatment option for those that suffer from eczema outbreaks. However, there are some precautions you want to remember:

  • Ice should never be applied right on the skin that is inflamed. It is important to use towels to wrap ice. At the same time, ice should be kept moving at all times, not just placed on the affected area.
  • It is possible to use the commercial cold packs but they are normally much colder than ice you find inside your freezer.
  • Ice therapy for eczema outbreaks should never be used for more than a quarter of an hour. That would damage the nerves present in the area.
  • Never use ice therapy for eczema in the event that you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, paralysis, have cold allergy or there are blood circulation problems.

Keep in mind that this treatment should only be seen as a home remedy. You still need to go to the doctor for proper treatment whenever necessary.