Minimizing Symptoms To Deal With Rosacea

Out of the different skin conditions that a person can suffer from, rosacea is the one that many do not know much about. It normally appears as face redness or acne. It is possible to end up thinking that you just have skin that is sensitive and you would not even know that rosacea is the problem. Around the world there are around 16 million individuals that suffer from the condition. Unfortunately, a full treatment does not actually exist. The only rosacea treatments that are available will focus on minimizing symptoms.

Avoid The Triggers

It is always common to notice specific life or environmental situations in which the symptoms become worse. If these are identified, all that has to be done is avoid triggers. That would reduce all the overall symptoms. Triggers can be unique since every individual is different. The most common ones that appear include: stress, exercise, humidity, alcohol consumption, sun exposure, steam, cosmetics and dairy product consumption.

Laser Treatment

Many do not know this but laser treatment can actually help deal with rosacea symptoms. The effectiveness is much higher than what you may think. There are two opportunities that are available:

  • PDL – pulsed dye lasers
  • IPL – intense pulsed light

Laser therapy leads towards redness reduction. We also notice a skin surface reduction of pimples and bumps. The therapy involves the use of tiny lasers that emit strong light into vessels that are visible under skin surface. Laser heat will lead towards an increase in vessel temperature. That can actually make vessels that should not be there disappear. There will be initial swelling and redness that will appear after the procedure but these side effects disappear after one day. In the event that you are faced with bruising or skin peeling, the symptoms will disappear in up to ten days. There is a necessity to go through 3 appointments, separate by six weeks.

Oral Medication

This is a really common option for the rosacea treatment. There are patients that will take antibiotics in order to reduce pimples and control swelling. The long term antibiotics use will lead towards a high bacteria fighting resistance in the medication. This basically means that the body will get used to the drug that you take. Because of this, the dermatologist can prescribe different medications based on various factors.

Topical Treatment

This includes all the creams and gels that would be rubbed onto the skin. There are many topical remedies that are going to help in control and reduce swelling, redness and bumps that appear on your face. Many of the topical products also have strong antibiotic properties. That only makes it easier to reduce symptoms of rosacea.

The problem with the gels and creams is that many are available over the counter. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that one product will bring in the benefits you are looking for. It is really important that you experiment and that you take into account all the advice that the dermatologist offers. Trying several products may be necessary.