Really Common Misconceptions People Have About Laser Hair Removal

Most people do not properly understand laser hair removal. There are countless misconceptions associated with this procedure. This happens just because of the fact that people do not tend to learn about such procedures until they actually use them. If you are interested in learning the truth, you should start by dismissing the misconceptions highlighted below by laser hair removal San Diego specialists.

Laser Hair Removal Is Not Safe

In reality, laser systems are much safer than what people believe. Those used for removing hair are approved by the FDA and Health Canada. What is important is to talk about the laser type that is used by the laser technician. There are clinics out there that are using very cheap lasers. If you put yourself through a procedure performed with a laser that is not officially approved, huge problems can appear. When the clinic you go to uses good lasers, everything is safe and you should not worry about this aspect.

More Hair Grows After Laser Hair Removal

Although laser hair removal is not permanent, this does not mean more hair is going to grow after you go through the procedure. Lasers simply cannot create increased hair growth. What is really important is to remember the fact that bodies constantly change, especially when aging. There are people that lose body hair but others will grow more in particular areas. A laser will destroy hair follicles but nothing can be done about preventing the appearance of brand new ones.

Laser Hair Removal Is Equally Effective For All Types Of Hair

What is always important is to talk with the laser technician so you are told exactly what results you are going to see after the procedure. The truth is results will vary based on skin type, person and hair color. For instance, red hair is difficult to remove but it can be done. However, with grey hair you cannot use laser hair removal. Hair does not have pigment so lasers cannot identify hair follicles.

You Will Be Exposed To Radiation

Lasers will not emit radiation. Some radiation does exist between laser light barriers but that does not exist space. It is absolutely not harmful to patients.

Just One Long Session Is Needed For Permanent Hair Removal

No matter what you might think, you cannot eliminate hair growth in a single session. This is because hair has different growth cycles. It is going to simply grow at different times. You can only target what is growing through laser hair removal. If you want to destroy absolutely all the hair follicles you will need to wait for future laser targeting. The good news is that you can definitely do this over time.


On the whole, laser hair removal is the preferred removal procedure available at the moment. It is not going to work for everyone and it is definitely not perfect. However, if you are a good candidate, you do want to take it into account since laser hair removal does offer great results.