The Cons Of Laser Hair Removal

While the idea of laser hair removal may sound rather spectacular, you really can't assume it will be. Yes, it will remove a high percentage of hair but there are things it might do that are not so great.

Laser hair removal is not guaranteed by any means. You will not go into a clinic being guaranteed anything. Some patients will require more sessions than others. This may not sound too bad to some. If money is not an issue you will have less to worry about concerning laser hair removal. Even if money actually is an issue, it will all depend on how bad you really want it done.

Laser hair removal is in fact not for everyone. If you have light skin and dark hair you are a great candidate for laser hair removal. Blonde and red hair is very difficult to treat. It is better for the hair to be darker than the skin. Dark skin is at a risk of being damaged with laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is safe but not by any means painless. Since the laser uses heat to destroy the hair, you can bet you will feel some sort of pain. The heat can reach a pretty high temperature. If you are concerned with this, talk with your practitioner.

The definition of the pain will vary from each individual. One patient might say they felt a sting and another might say it was more of a snap. For some it might be a slight pain and for others a major pain. You will feel something either way. Some clinics offer numbing cream if you choose to use it.

Laser hair removal is not known to permanently remove the hair. It simply reduces the hair growth. The hair will grow back at some point, sooner or later. It will be lighter and slower when it does re-grow.

There is a chance that after laser hair removal you could experience redness and small bumps. It really will depend on your skin type. You have to avoid direct sunlight for up to two weeks after laser hair removal. It is recommended you do nothing causing you to sweat because that could irritate your skin. Do not pluck or wax after laser hair removal either. This may be the toughest for some people.

You might have a skin pigmentation discoloration after laser hair removal. This could mean it will be lighter or darker. This isn't as common an experience but still a possibility. Consult your physician if this happens.

Here are more side effects that are not too common but possible:

Infected hair follicles

If you experience any of these side effects after laser hair removal you should consult your physician immediately.

You will also experience shedding after laser hair removal. Yes, shedding. The laser damaged the root of the follicle, not the actual hair. Therefore, the hair follicles will be falling out. This could last anywhere from two to three weeks.

The cost of laser hair removal can be pricey. It will depend on what you are having treated and how many sessions it will require. If you are worried about the cost, consult your practitioner performing the treatment. He might be able to give you some insight. Talk with them and ask any questions you might have.