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Who Is Laser Hair Removal For

Not everyone can enjoy laser hair removal and its benefits. There are two things that factor into just who can do it. Such as: Your hair color and your skin color.

These are the main two factors of laser hair removal. Blonde, red, white and grey hair is not recommended for laser hair removal. If you tan you must wait until your tan has faded only if you have dark hair. If you have tanned skin and light hair you do not qualify for laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is for those that qualify to have their unwanted hair gone. If you have hair on any of the following areas you want removed, laser hair removal is for you.

Upper Lip
Bikini Area
Pubic Area
Between Brows

Your skin type and skin history will also have an affect on laser hair removal being right for you. Your practitioner will ask you questions about your skin and skin history. You want to be sure you do not lie in any instance. Doing so could result in your skin being damaged after treatment. Remember you are having something done to your body, why bend the truth? Just be honest even if you might be embarrassed for something.

People wanting to do laser hair removal that have

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